How To Detail Your Car Like The Pros

So your trying to get your car looking fresh for summer, but just can’t seem to get it as clean as you would like.  You remember back when you or a friend had a car detailed by a professional and how immaculate it looked when you got it back.  You also remember what it cost to take it to a professional and let’s just say it’s not exactly in the budget for this summer.  Don’t worry, you are not alone and this article will explain exactly how you can get your car shining for summer, without the expensive cleaning bill.

The Common Car Cleaning Misconception

When it comes to cleaning your car like the pros, the first thing that people often think is that it’s impossible to get their car, truck, or SUV as clean as the pros do without expensive tools and equipment.  Although this can be true in very rare cases, the majority of cars on the road can be cleaned without the need to purchase expensive tools or equipment.

What You Will Need

In order to get your vehicle looking like new, you are going to need the following tools:

  1. Air compressor with air gun
  2. Armor All
  3. Rags
  4. Vacuum (shop vac’s work the best)
  5. Basic carpet cleaner
  6. Window cleaning spray

The Key To Getting Your Car To Shine

This section is by far the most important part when it comes to getting your car as clean as the pros.  The number one, most vital tool you can have at your disposal is an air gun.  This is the best kept secret that all of the detailing shops don’t want you to know.  Air guns are the only way you can get underneath your seats cleaned spotless without actually removing them.  Air guns also work great to quickly clean out cup holders, vents, door accessory compartments, etc.

How It’s Done

The best method of using an air gun is to run the vacuum first to get the majority of the dirt cleaned up to avoid spreading it.  Next, you will want to spray the air gun into all cracks and crevices.  After this you will want to run your vacuum again.  If you have been neglecting your ride for a while, you may have to repeat this process once or twice.

From here you will want to use Armor All to clean the dash and door panels. Next you can use your carpet cleaner and scrub out any stains and then run your final pass with the vacuum cleaner.  Make sure you leave your doors open to let your carpet dry and to prevent molding.

When You Should Talk To The Pros

Although you should be able to get your car looking brand new without professional assistance, there are rare occasions where an expensive power scrubbing tool may be necessary.  This is usually only when excessive staining has been done to the carpet.  In this case, your air gun and basic household cleaners probably won’t do the trick.  If you are unable to get things looking like you want, give your local detailing shop a call to find out if they can get the stains removed.  We have been performing professional automotive repair service for over 30 years and we have learned a few tricks of trade along the way to getting our vehicles cleaned spotless after repairs.

Details, Details, Details…

Remember, paying attention to the fine details is what separates the pros from the amateurs.  Ensuring you have adequately cleaned underneath your seats, vents, etc. is often the difference between an average and immaculate cleaning job.  Now you have the best kept secret of car cleaning at your disposal.  Now get to work and get that car shining again!